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A Website about chocolate for enthusiasts and a chocolate manufacturer located in Österlen in the south eastern region of Sweden, Skåne. We offer a chocolate experience for all senses. Besides our manufacturing we give lectures, chocolate tastings and workshops in the fine art of making chocolate. A chocolate experience could begin with a brief chocolate history and explanation of how the cocoa bean becomes chocolate and some results from research made on chocolate. Continuing with a chocolate tasting and finish off with you yourself making chocolates. Or why not compose your own chocolate experience!

Lödahus Chokladkultur is a mobile and flexible company that resides in the beautiful and serene village of Kivik in the area of Österlen, Skåne. You can visit us at our chocolate factory and shop in Kivik, where we produce and sell handmade chocolates and chocolate drinks. There you can also get to learn exotic traditional chocolate herbs, spices, recipes and tools from the time of the Aztecs until present. We address corporate businesses as well as the public.

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Behind every picture, and even some text, you can find a lot of interesting details about chocolate. Give it a try!


All chocolate displayed on this Webpage is handmade and manufactured by Lödahus Chokladkultur. This is a rum praline.

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